Unicorn (noun)

definition: a once-thought mythical creature recently discovered in the mountains that is extremely hard, if not impossible to catch.

Picnic (noun)

definition: an outdoor gathering of like-minded friends where experiences are shared, bonds are secured, and food always tastes better.



Unicorn Picnic is founded by female skiers for women who thrive in the outdoors. With roots in Alaska, Jackson Hole, and Maine, our diverse community spans South America, Japan, British Columbia, and anywhere the snow flies. Our gear and content borrow inspiration from our surroundings, our role models, and each other.

We made our introduction to the outdoor adventure world as a movie production company with the release of our award-winning documentary ski film Pretty Faces. Now, with the direction of pro-skier Lynsey Dyer, Unicorn Picnic is looking to draw from the mountainous success of the movie and of sister non-profit SheJumps by launching a creative community and marketplace. We’re offering original apparel and gear from our partners, delivering lighthearted content including gear reviews from trustworthy friends, and building the Unicorn School: a program of organized backcountry trips for girls.

We believe in the relationship between being our best selves and going outside, breathing fresh air – and then taking action.