Hand-made Pom-pom Hat

$ 75.00

Highly requested throughout the ski community and on social media, the one-off crochet hat that quickly became Lynsey Dyer’s signature is now available with only 16 units per colorway! Featuring cozy, chunky crochet and oversized pom-poms, this coveted style is hand-made by women watching ski flicks in the USA. Every pom-pom is a different color and removable for on-hill wear. A genuine leather unicorn tag marks authenticity.

Hats were made as part of a 1+ year-long project and when they’re gone... they’re gone. Perfect for as a special gift for the unicorn in your life, they will arrive just in time for holidays with special-edition sparkly packaging.

Disclaimer: Pom-Pom colors range; no two will be the same. Requests for different colored poms after purchase are not able to be honored. 

Shipping & Delivery

Please allow 2-3 weeks of process time to ship your order.